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    About us
    RUIAN AOER PRINTING PACKING MACHIENRY CO.,LTD is a national high and new tech enterprise which is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of die cutting and hot foiling equipment. We have 3 brands of machines: AOER, TIEHU and NIUMUWANG. Under these brands, we have ML/TYM/AEM/AEGM 4 series of machines. Manual machines cover the size range of 750-3000mm, automatic ma... ......[More]
    Contact us
    Ruian Aoer Printing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
    ADD:No.5 Standard Factory Building, Yunjiang Industrial Zone,Nanbin Street, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, china.
    TEL:0086 577-65137655
    FAX:0086 577-65136655
    COPYRIGHT ? Ruian Aoer Printing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.      
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